The Wedding template comes with it's own custom typography. You'll be able to customize the look of your Joomla website when you utilize these custom template styles.

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Module Positions

Wedding comes with 12 module positions and 10 module class suffixes to help you customize your website experience. Use these module positions to get the layout of your website just right.

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Menus Setup

With the Wedding template you can have a few different menu positions throughtout the template. Each menu is a module and will need to be configured in order to display properly. 

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The Wedding template comes with great template parameters to help you further customize your Joomla website. Choose from how you want to display your logo to what tyhp of fonts you want on the website.

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Customizing Logo

Setting up the logo only takes a few steps.

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Not sure how to install your new template. Read more to find out how.

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